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I’m just starting to (scan and) upload my pretty extensive (and unorganized) reference library to a service called Paperpile and was recently asked if I could share the ever developing database. This is my attempt to find a way to do honor that request (while not doing too much extra work). Paperpile has great functionality within google apps, but it seems that the sharing functionality is not so great. You basically have to go to the link below and drill down into the folders which are, hopefully, self-explanatory. Note that the papers count shown does not include sub-folders, so that information more or less useless.
Public documents only
Only public documents are to be provided. Please let us know immediately if you see something amiss.
Searching workarounds
Paperclip is designed to avoid copyright infringement. So, they set up their folders to not be found by search engines and the search function outside Paperpile is pretty bad (it’s really meant for collaboration with a small group). I’m trying to find a way to create some kind of search function. The software does provide exporting in RIS and BibTex database format (provided below). In the short term, I’ll also populate a “hard to find” section below for those things that I have had to go to great lengths to get or that are important grey literature.
Personal notations
In Paperpile, there is only one version of a file for each user, regardless of how many folders reference it. Therefore, you may see personal notes, highlights, annotations or other markings. You may want to just consider these an added bonus, and disregard any typos, etc.

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Notable and hard-to-find
Substructure Subtraction Method and Dynamic Analysis of Pile Foundations by Chih-Cheng Chin

This important UC Berkeley dissertation is commonly referenced, but turned out to be impossible to find off campus.
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