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B. Jeremic, N. Tafazzoli, B. Kamrani A. Kammerer, R. Rivera-Lugo, R. Roche R. Budnitz B. Stojadinovic (2011), “The NRC ESSI (Earthquake Soil Structure Interaction) Simulator”, Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT) Conference, November 2011, Delhi India The presentation is available. [If interested in this work, you may also like this related SMiRT presentation by Boris Jeremic on modeling the interface between foundation and rock]
Kuo-Wan Lin, David J. Wald, Ayhan Altinyollar, Nebi Bekiri, Jon Ake, Annie Kammerer (2011), Developing and Implementing a Real-Time Earthquake Notification System for Nuclear Power Plant Sites using ShakeCast, Seismological Society of America National Meeting, March 2011.
Jeremic, B., Tafozzoli, N., Kamrani, B., Chao, Y.C., Jeong, C.G., Tasiopoulou, P., Sett, K., Kammerer, A., Orbovic, N., and Blahoianu, A. (2010) “On Seismic Soil Structure Interaction Simulations for Nuclear Power Plants,” OECD/NEA IAGE/IAEA ISSC Workshop on Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI) Knowledge and Effect of the Seismic Assessment of NPPs Structures and Components, Ottawa Canada, October 2010 [see presentation by Prof. Boris Jeremic].
Cetin, K.O., Bilge, T.H., Wu, J., Kammerer, A.M. Seed, R. B., (2008), “A Probabilistic Model for the Assessment of Cyclically-Induced Reconsolidation (Volumetric) Settlements”, ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 135, 387(2009)
Cetin, K.O., Bilge, T.H., Wu, J., Kammerer, A.M. Seed, R. B., (2008), “Probabilistic Models for Cyclic Straining of Saturated Clean Sands”, ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 135, 371(2009)
Murphy et al (2008) “Recent PSHA Activities at the USNRC, Including Continuing Research”, Working Group on Integrity of Components and Structures (IAGE); Recent Findings and Developments in Probabilistic Seismic Hazards Analysis (PSHA) Methodologies and Applications, Lyon, France [see related presentation]
Lubkowski et al (2004), “Providing Value to Clients through Non-Linear Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction”, Proceedings, 13th World Conf. on Earthquake Engr., Paper 1415, Vancouver, Canada
Kammerer. et al (2001) “Use Of Cyclic Simple Shear Testing In Evaluation Of The Deformation Potential Of Liquefiable Soils”, Fourth International Conference and Symposium On Recent Advances In Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering And Soil Dynamics, Paper 1.20, San Diego, CA
Seed R. B., Cetin K. O., Moss R. E. S., Kammerer A. M., Wu J., Pestana J. M., Riemer M. F., (2001) "Recent Advances in Soil Liquefaction Engineering and Seismic Site Response Evaluation", 4th Int. Conf. on Recent Advances In Geotechnical Earthquake Eng. And Soil Dynamics, Keynote Paper SPL-2, San Diego, CA USA. Republished as an EERC Report.
Kammerer et al (2001) “Deformations of Dense Sand Under Cyclic Loading”, Tenth International Conference and Symposium on Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, October, San Diego, CA
Kammerer et al (2000) "Cyclic Simple Shear Testing of Nevada Sand for PEER Center Project 2051999”, Geotechnical Engineering Research Report No. UCB/GT/00-01, University of California, Berkeley, January 2000 (Electronic Data Files (CD), available as Geotechnical Research Report No. UCB/GE/00-02)
Kammerer et al (1999) "UC Berkeley Geotechnical Testing for the East Bay Crossing of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge,” Geotechnical Engineering Research Report No. UCB/GT/99-18, University of California, Berkeley, October 1999 (Electronic Data Files (CD), available as Geotechnical Research Report No. UCB/GE/99-20)
Pestana et al (1998) “Effect of Storage Capacity in the Performance of Vertical Drains in Liquefiable San Deposits,” 2nd International Conference on Ground Improvement Techniques, Singapore, pp. 373-380.
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