US Community Vs Profile Database Web Interface Development

The Community Shear-Wave Velocity (VS) Profile Database (PDB) project is a multi-institutional effort with the goal of creating an open-access repository of VS profiles, a critical parameter used in ground motion modeling and seismic site response, among other applications. Given that there presently exists no such resource, this project fills a need that will benefit practicing engineers and the research community alike. Presently the project is in the data collection and reformatting phase, with over 1400 VS profiles from California, over 1000 from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, and over 2700 from central and eastern North America already in hand. Data sources include reports from the USGS, various state and provincial geological surveys, universities, private industry, and utility companies. Data collection is ongoing, and the database will have an ability to expand as new data is acquired or contributed.

The PDB project is currently funded to a limited extent by the U.S. Geological Survey External Research Program. This funding covers collecting and digitizing VS profile data for California and compiling the data in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files. A critical need for the project has been to develop a web interface tool to facilitate public access and use of the database. This project meets this need. The tool’s interface will include map-based tags for each profile location that can be expanded to show site data and metadata. Plotting functions for online data visualization will also be implemented. The UCLA-based research team previously developed a prototype web interface for the PEER Next-Generation Liquefaction (NGL) project. The project will utilize a structured query language (SQL) relational database, which allows for object-oriented computing. The SQL database is easily extractable by a query, allowing for data to be stored on a remote server and only accessed when a user defines a query on the front end (i.e. the web interface), which optimizes efficiency for data visualization and transfer. The web-infrastructure will also provides enhanced security to all objects stored in the PBD.

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